Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Guest post - WK field trip by Morgan B

White Knight’s Travel to Gillette
By Morgan Beck

We started off the day of our field trip like any other--going to our lockers and heading to our first period classes. Yet, instead of cracking down on equations as we usually do in B period math, we sat and chatted at our desks while playing a game of Patriots-themed hangman on the whiteboard. At 8:00, two buses pulled up in front of the EWG Junior Senior High School, ready to take the Junior High White Knights to Gillette Stadium for a day of football, friends, and fun.

Upon our arrival at Gillette, we were escorted around the outskirts of the stadium and into one of the press boxes where we split into groups and worked together to create new “expansion teams” for the NFL. We drafted players for our new teams, created a logo, picked amenities for the new stadiums, and more, all while staying within a budget. Finally, we presented our new teams to our fellow classmates. Our chaperones analyzed our proposals in order to pick the group of students whose teamwork stood out against the rest.

After leaving the press box and the stunning views from above the field, the seventh grade met the eighth grade White Knights at Red Robin for a relaxing lunch. Afterwards, the seventh grade headed outside and hung out in one of the stadium’s courtyards to enjoy the gorgeous weather and take group pictures.

A short while later, a stadium employee came out to greet us from one of Gillette’s large buildings and split us into two groups. We then headed into the building, and one group went to the Patriots Hall of Fame while the other went to watch a 20-minute movie about the Patriots in a small theater.

My group went to the Hall of Fame, and after being given an overview of it, we headed off to experience the many activities the hall had to offer. We explored its various rooms where we could get our pictures superimposed on famous magazine covers, kick field goals into a screen that measured our accuracy, try on older Patriots’ jerseys and helmets, and more.

We were also able to view the various Super Bowl trophies and rings, and what made this part particularly exciting was we were the first fans allowed to photograph the trophy recently won by the Patriots in the AFC championship.

About twenty minutes later, we switched activities with the other seventh grade group and watched a short film about the history of the Patriots’ team. After investigating the various activities and display cases the theater’s floor had to offer, we headed down into the pro shop, explored a bit, and finally returned to the courtyard. Soon the buses pulled up and we boarded--happily exhausted and pleased at what an eventful and exciting day it had been.

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Hope you are all enjoying your snow day. Being home today gives me some time to reflect on all of the great things happening at the Junior High School. 

As a whole school activity in connection with civil rights connections and activities teachers are making, we will all be going to Providence Place Mall on Friday, February 17 to see the movie Hidden Figures. The permission slip can be found at the link on this page as well as on the Junior High Webpage. There is a lot of information on the webpage including calendar updates as well as the daily announcements.

For the first time this year, Junior High School students have been involved in the AmGen Big Brothers Big Sisters partnership program. Students began working with their mentors at AmGen last year in the 6th grade and have continued to work with them this year. You may have seen the video on the Superintendent's blog of one of our students, Jillian H, participating in a press conference with Governor Raimondo and Congressman Langevin.

Ms. Winner coordinated a visit from Aimee Fontaine, the Children's and Teen Librarian from the Exeter Public Library to come visit the Junior High. She talked to our students during advisory about some great new teen books. 

On January 20, the student council hosted a game night where just about 40 students stayed after school to play board games and card games together. Everyone had a great time. 

Congratulations to all of the December Knights of the Month! 
And a big congratulations to Mrs. Borges who somehow managed to avoid having her picture taken but was recognized as our December Staff Knight of the Month!