Thursday, May 19, 2016

Knights of the Month - April

Friday the 13th was a lucky day at EWG Jr High. We recognized our student and staff knights of the month at our Friday Knight meeting.

While we recognize all of our teachers this month, Mrs. Brocato, Black Knight Science teacher, won staff Knight of the month.

May is teacher appreciation month so we also recognized all the fantastic teachers here at EWG. 7th grade student, Cadia G., made this amazing card and cake to show her appreciation to the teachers.

We also had a contest to name the Knight. We have a Knight who joins us at all of our meetings. Several students submitted some very clever names. 

Since we are the junior high, our knight is called "Junior - the fighting Knight who protects us from bullies, cliques, and trouble with kindness, compassion and school smarts!

Congratulations to all of our Knights of the Month - both staff and students -  for your Respectful, Responsible and Safe behavior!

Junior got dressed up for the occasion 
with his bow tie and light saber.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Golden Apple

Watch Mr. Wallace's video from Channel 10 news.

We had an exciting day today with a visit from Ken Wagner, the Commissioner of Education and channel 10 news Patrice Wood to present the Golden Apple award to a Junior High Teacher. 
(Click the link to see a power point of the event.)

We had a parade to Mr. Wallace's classroom complete with drummers from the high school, Superintendent Erinakes, History Department Chair Mrs. Wilmont, Commissioner Wagner, Channel 10 camera crew, news anchor Patrice Wood, and family and friends of both Dominic and Mr. Wallace.

We surprised Mr. Wallace, Black Knight Social Studies Teacher.

Patrice Wood was asking him 
how he felt about receiving the award.

She also interviewed his parents, both retired educators.

She tried to take a picture :)

He was nominated by 7th grader Dominic Vincent.

Be sure to tune into channel 10 News tomorrow
(Thursday, May 19) at 6:00 to recognize our very own 

Golden Apple recipient - Mr. Andrew Wallace. 

Some of the kind words that Dominic wrote are:

Mr. Wallace deserves the Golden Apple Award for being an outstanding educator. He always makes learning fun for all students. No matter your opinion of the topic he teaches you will always be happy to be in his classroom. You can come into his class in a bad mood, but with his jokes throughout the class you can't leave without a smile on your face. He always offers a helping hand if you are confused and is always sure that everyone understands any assignments we are given. He puts so much effort into his classroom to make students learning experience the best it could possibly be.

# GoldenApple

Friday, May 6, 2016


It is May already! We have had a busy two weeks back from vacation.

On April 25 we had a guest speaker, Ray Lozano, talk to the students. Check out information from his presentation as well as some pictures and videos.

Unified Theater also put on an outstanding performance of May the Forth be with You, A War Between the Stars. I included some details about unified theater as well as photos from the show.

And on Saturday April 30, several EWG Junior High students and science teachers presented at University of Rhode Island. They on behalf of the Gems-Net science program. It was a fun family event for all.


Presentation 4/25/2016

When we arrived back from April break, we had a presentation from Ray Lozano. He talked to the students at both the junior and senior high about the dangers of using drugs and alcohol. He used a combination of humor, stories, and facts to entertain and inform students.

He also used simulator goggles to let kids know what it was like to try to walk the line after having had too much alcohol.       Check out the videos of a boy and girl from EWG Jr High.



War of the stars!

May the 4th is a special day for many Star Wars fans, but for 17 of our junior and senior high school students and their 3 faculty advisors it was A War Between the Stars.
Students in the Unified Theater program worked together to write, create, and perform this wonderfully unique performance this past Wednesday, May 4th.  

They took us on a journey through the decades to help inspire us to not only make room in our hearts for musical differences and changes through through the years, but more importantly to make room for each other and celebrate all of our differences.
This is the first year for Unified theater at EWG. Our very own special educator Mrs. Goldstein was the first faculty advisor for this outstanding production.