Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Golden Apple

Watch Mr. Wallace's video from Channel 10 news.

We had an exciting day today with a visit from Ken Wagner, the Commissioner of Education and channel 10 news Patrice Wood to present the Golden Apple award to a Junior High Teacher. 
(Click the link to see a power point of the event.)

We had a parade to Mr. Wallace's classroom complete with drummers from the high school, Superintendent Erinakes, History Department Chair Mrs. Wilmont, Commissioner Wagner, Channel 10 camera crew, news anchor Patrice Wood, and family and friends of both Dominic and Mr. Wallace.

We surprised Mr. Wallace, Black Knight Social Studies Teacher.

Patrice Wood was asking him 
how he felt about receiving the award.

She also interviewed his parents, both retired educators.

She tried to take a picture :)

He was nominated by 7th grader Dominic Vincent.

Be sure to tune into channel 10 News tomorrow
(Thursday, May 19) at 6:00 to recognize our very own 

Golden Apple recipient - Mr. Andrew Wallace. 

Some of the kind words that Dominic wrote are:

Mr. Wallace deserves the Golden Apple Award for being an outstanding educator. He always makes learning fun for all students. No matter your opinion of the topic he teaches you will always be happy to be in his classroom. You can come into his class in a bad mood, but with his jokes throughout the class you can't leave without a smile on your face. He always offers a helping hand if you are confused and is always sure that everyone understands any assignments we are given. He puts so much effort into his classroom to make students learning experience the best it could possibly be.

# GoldenApple