Thursday, May 19, 2016

Knights of the Month - April

Friday the 13th was a lucky day at EWG Jr High. We recognized our student and staff knights of the month at our Friday Knight meeting.

While we recognize all of our teachers this month, Mrs. Brocato, Black Knight Science teacher, won staff Knight of the month.

May is teacher appreciation month so we also recognized all the fantastic teachers here at EWG. 7th grade student, Cadia G., made this amazing card and cake to show her appreciation to the teachers.

We also had a contest to name the Knight. We have a Knight who joins us at all of our meetings. Several students submitted some very clever names. 

Since we are the junior high, our knight is called "Junior - the fighting Knight who protects us from bullies, cliques, and trouble with kindness, compassion and school smarts!

Congratulations to all of our Knights of the Month - both staff and students -  for your Respectful, Responsible and Safe behavior!

Junior got dressed up for the occasion 
with his bow tie and light saber.