Thursday, October 29, 2015



Reminder - NO evening parent conferences tonight. Parents have an opportunity to meet with teams tomorrow morning and you are always welcome to contact teachers or team leaders set up individual or team meetings.

You can vote for the staff (teacher, TA, secretary, etc.) person of the month using this link. Remember to define why you are nominating them using the respectful, responsible and safe criteria.

You might be wondering what has happened to your child's school photos. We have had some major glitches with school pictures. I have been working with LifeTouch to resolve this issue. At this time, we will be scheduling a full school retake of pictures. LifeTouch has guaranteed that all pictures will be received before the holidays.

Students in Ms. Lico's science class were discussing liquids, solids and gases as well as melting, freezing and boiling. They came up with a clever way to help them remember the different phases - ask them to see if they can tell you :)

This week was Red Ribbon Week and many students participated in the different activities. One of the activities was to decorate advisor doors about ways to stay drug free. The winning advisories were Ms. Forman for 7th grade and Mrs. Ray for 8th grade.

We had our Halloween dance last Friday night sponsored by Student council. There was a fun pumpkin carving contest. See pictures of the pumpkins and from the dance below. 
We even had a 3-d pumpkin print out!