Friday, December 11, 2015


On Tuesday we had a great presentation by Kevin Robinson. He was really motivating and talked to us about being positive and achieving anything you want by working hard. He encouraged us to say one nice thing to someone and you might be surprised at how it makes everyone happier. 

K-Rob showed us tricks on his bike, but he also taught us something about the word TRICK

Some other important messages he share with us are that everyday we should stop and reflect on our day and ask ourselves if we did something positive for others today. He told us that you control your own mood - so make it a positive one. And on Thoughtful Thursday, Kevin asked us to do 3 nice things for someone else. Let's all try to be kind and supportive of each other.

Here is a video from our presentation.

He also talked about the importance of being kind, which has been a school wide theme this year. One of the main themes of the book Wonder was to choose kind. Some of the advisories have recently completed decorating ceiling tiles with themes from Wonder. Next time you are in the Junior High, look up, and check out these inspirational messages.

Check out some additional resources for students and families about anti-bullying

On Wednesday night Superintendent Erinakes had a community forum about our recent PARCC scores. His presentation is on the district site. 

The Jr. & Sr. High drama troupe will be putting on a production of A Christmas Carol this weekend. We received a sneak peak this afternoon and hope you will join our students this weekend to see it. They have all worked hard to put this production together.