Thursday, March 10, 2016


By now all parents should have received an invitation, either electronically or by paper, to select a time for Student Led Conferences. Please make every effort to select your conference time as soon as possible. Time slots are filling up.

I am a little bit behind in my Knight of the Month updates, so we will be catching up on both January and February in this blog post.

Each month when we recognize our students and staff, we provide them with goodie bags. The kids really like these treats but our supplies are running low and we still have 4 months of school left. If you have any goodies you can donate that would be much appreciated. We have a few parents who donate on a monthly basis - which is amazing - and other parents who have sent in a bunch of goodies at once. We recognize 8 students and 1 staff person each both. Any treats are much appreciated.

Knights of the month for January

Student Knights of the Month

Staff Knights of the Month
Even though she was not here on the day of the ceremony, 
Deb DeMattio was recognized as staff knight of the month.

Knights of the month for February

Student Knights of the Month

Staff Knight of the month - ELA teacher Michelle Livsey