Thursday, March 9, 2017

Movie Trip!

Movie Trip! Guest Blog By Haley-Jo Reis and Samantha McCullough

On Friday February 18th, we had a whole school field trip to the Providence Place mall. We had the opportunity to see Hidden Figures, a fantastic film that included elements of History, Science, Math, and ELA.

We left school at 8:30 on Friday and made the 24 mile trip to the Providence Place Mall. When we arrived we went to the theater on the 5th floor, we had the entire theater to ourselves and had comfortable seats. Before the movie officially started, there was a bit of fun trivia to play along with and trailers of other movies that might also be enjoyable.

The movie Hidden Figures was about 3 African American women in the 1940’s working for NASA. The 3 women are Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, all three of them have different life paths that contribute to the world in a positive way. 

Katherine Johnson is a mathematician who was able to solve any problem given to her. She worked as a computer in the Space program to check any math that came her way. She faced many challenges being a black woman mathematician in an all white department.

Dorothy Vaughan was the women in charge of the “colored computers” but she didn't get the pay or title of manager. When computers were being introduced at NASA Dorothy taught herself and the other computers how to program or talk the new computer language. 

Finally Mary Jackson was also a computer but she had a real talent for engineering. In order to become an engineer she had to take evening classes at a segregated high school. She fought to attend the classes and then became NASA's first black female engineer.  

The movie was very educational with how one person can make a difference and the effects of segregation in the 1900’s. There were many life lessons that you can take from this movie such as: you can do anything even when people tell you you’re wrong, people change people, and never give up on your dreams. This movie can truly inspire anyone. You can impact amazing things if you use your abilities to their fullest extent.

After the movie we went down a floor to the food court to get some lunch. We had many different options and sat with our friends. We walked around the food court eating, laughing and having a good day. At 12:45 we all loaded up to the bus. We headed back to the school ready to get on the bus and be on our way. A very good beginning to the start of vacation.