Monday, October 17, 2016


Knights of the month and more...

There are NO evening conferences for the Junior High School this Thursday 10/20. 

There has been a lot going on at the Junior High. Here are some fun updates and pictures of what's happening.

Students are enjoying 3-D printing in the library for enrichment.

Students are actively creating timelines of their lives and the lives of historic characters.

7th graders in art class are working on using a vanishing point and shading to make their artwork look 3-dimensional. They are also adding detail to make their drawings surreal.

8th grade art classes are working on sketches of skeletons. After they have been drawn, they were cut out with an exacto knife and put on construction paper. They too have added some pretty exciting details.

Sometimes it's important to just get physical! A physical walk break or a walking study break is great to get your brain pumping.

It's also great to make maps not just with pencil and paper, but using play dough as well.

October 7th was our first Knight of the Month recognition. Students and staff are recognized for being Respectful, Responsible and Safe. Please be sure to congratulate all of the students and staff who were recognized this month. 

Be sure to congratulate Mrs. Sawicki, White Knight Math teacher, who was recognized by her students for being a teacher who always willing to help her students in any way she can. She helps to prepare them to go to the high school and be successful.